Custom essay writing

Custom essay writing is a method of writing employed by most essay writing services for testing the English essay writing and paper writing skills of applicants that intend to subscribe as a writer in their essay writing services. Usually, applicants are required to also submit other credentials such as their educational certificates, sample papers, etc. besides the custom essay writing assessment. The major objective of these essay writing services is to provide college students the opportunity to get their assignments, term papers and other types of academic research work done by people with very good writing skills and who are proficient in English essay writing, for a fee. Most of these services may sometime require the essay writer to have additional knowledge in specialized or professional field as the essay writings most times are in different fields of knowledge such as engineering, computer science, mathematics, social sciences, life sciences, arts, education, business, etc. To qualify as an essay writer for any of these services, applicants are required to go through a 3-step evaluation process beginning with a complete online completion of their profile information (although the number of evaluative steps may vary from one service to the other).

Once the evaluation is completed, successful applicants are usually notified by email and given a username and password login with which to access essay writing jobs. There are several essay writing services prominent among which is website.

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